Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Made It - 150 miles of Kayaking (A Men's Spiritual Retreat)

Here is the group of men who had enough guts to set out on a 150 mile "Men's Spiritual Kayaking Retreat."

We packed our kayaks with gear and off we went. Here is my son Sean.

Here is my rig, a double kayak packed with everything you could think of......

Here we are leaving on the adventure.

We had some great camp spots.
Sometimes in campgrounds, and sometimes like here on a sand (or boulder) bar.
We fished

We ate

We laughed

But we also experienced many moments of pure holiness and were engulfed in His Grace.

Here we are 150 miles later..... 
Tired Yes, But A group of men changed in many ways.
Check out the videos below and see why.

Part I of the Adventure

Part II of the Adventure

Part III of the Adventure

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This was the information (Sent Out / Posted) Prior to the Trip

Our next adventure will be in July of this year. A group of  men will travel down the beautiful Sacramento river in Kayaks and Canoes while experiencing spirituality unique only to men. The open slots are filling up quickly, so please contact Deacon Pat if your are interested so you can secure your spot.There is no cost, you will only need to supply your own food. We have enough Kayaks and Canoes for 16 men.

Deacon Pat can be reached via e-mail: 

Please Note: This retreat is NOT for anyone and everyone. It is designed for Men seeking a truly manly adventure in the wilderness. No you don't have to be in the best shape, nor perfect health, but if you are looking for a "cushy" lazy vacation, this retreat is Not for you. It will be rewarding beyond your imagination, for some - life changing, but you will work, endure, and probably push yourself more than you thought possible. 

Again, this retreat is not for everyone, but for some, this is one retreat they have been waiting years for.

Here is Our Schedule.

Here is a rough map of the Adventure.

 What to expect on this spiritual adventure?

The purpose of this Men's excursion is to be a spiritual retreat "In Motion." 

Most men have an adventurous spirit and can find enjoyment while "experiencing and doing."

This retreat under the direction of Deacon Pat Kearns will incorporate daily reflections on the Cardinal and Theological virtues as they relate to Men in society, specifically Catholic Men called to transcend the pagan society and be true spiritual leaders.

The Men on the retreat, young and "Older" will experience the holiness of Mass in a variety of natural settings (i.e. Campgrounds), prayerful self-reflection and discernment periods, awesome fellowship, sportsmanship, exploration, campfire stories, sleeping under the stars (Tents if you prefer), all while participating in a once in a lifetime experience.

There will be a Planning / Informational meeting on Wednesday June 30th at 6pm in the parish hall regarding the Men's Kayak / Canoe Trip.

We will be discussing the route, activities, packing needs, coordination specifics for drop off and pick-up, etc...

Many have asked about what an average day 
might look like on the adventure. 

Well here is an example:
7:00 am 
Wake-up, bathroom, breakfast, coffee
Morning Prayer
Get gear ready
8:00 am 
Quick reflection on the daily virtue prior to getting in the kayaks....
Shove off and 1 hour silence.....for reflection.

10:00 am 
(30 minute break ) 
Eat Something

12:30 pm 
(30 minute Break) 

3:00 pm 
Eat Something

5:00 pm 
Arrive at campsite, set up tents etc.

6:00 pm 
Mass  (As Scheduled)
        Evening prayers (When No Mass Scheduled)

7:00 pm 
Dinner and fellowship
Shared reflection on the day


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