Monday, December 13, 2010

Packing List for the January Retreat

Men of the Cross
January retreat – Lake Almanor

Retreat Gear (Everyone)

1.                  Sleeping bag
2.                  Snow Shoes or Cross Country Skis and boots (You might want to rent)
3.                  Ski or Treking Poles (You might want to rent)
4.                  Snow Boots
5.                  Snow Pants / Rain Gear / Jacket
6.                  Gloves
7.                  Hat
8.                  Day – Back Pack (water, trail food)
9.                  Gators (Optional)
10.              Lots of warm / dry clothes, toiletries, towel, etc

Shared Items
Not everyone will need to provide – we will pool our resources

1.                  Snow Shovels (Various sizes) for building Quinzee’s
2.                  Flagging tape - for building Quinzee’s
3.                  Sleds - for building Quinzee’s

For those man enough (or insane enough) to sleep in the Quinzees

  1. Fleece Liner or second sleeping bad
  2. 2 sleeping pads
  3. Tarp (Minimum 5 x 8 ft.)
  4. Nalgene-type water bottle (optional)
  5. Dry Sleeping clothes


We are going to have 3 substantial meals per day. We will split the cost of the food between the attendees, should not be excessive in cost.

Attendees should plan to provide for their own snacks, any specialty items, and adult beverages (if so desire) for the evening socials (i.e. Beer, Brandy, Whiskey, etc)

Housing (For those who choose to forego the Quinzees) Did someone say Whimp!!!!

We have a beautiful, large, and warm home to stay in that can easily sleep all the men and comfortably accommodate our needs.

Beds assigned for: Father Jonathan, Danny B., and Paul Mc., all others will sleep on the Floor / Couches (Air mattress / Pad would be a good idea).

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