Monday, April 11, 2011

A Work'n Man's Retreat

Where: Mary Queen Of Peace Retreat Center, Shingletown, CA.
When: May 28th (Sat) and May 29th (Sunday) 

Usually you must be 16 or older for the retreats, but since we are stationary at the retreat center, it is open to males 13 and older as long as the 13, 14, 15 year olds are with their dads.

A group of men will gather early Saturday morning at the retreat property for a real Men's Retreat. None of that touchy-feely stuff, but rather, men working side by side in fellowship and doing what men love to do best, work, laugh, and create something.

The majority of the work will be done on Saturday May 28th and will consist of cutting down some small trees, removing new growth, and cleaning the grounds. It will not be difficult work, but the more hands we have working the more we can accomplish. We would like to invite as many men and male youth to come and participate in the retreat (even for a few hours). Sunday morning we will finalize the projects and prepare for the community outdoors mass and picnic.

Our main projects for the retreat will be:

  1. The dirt road leading to the amphitheater - Clearing brush along the sides and road improvement.

  1. The amphitheater area – clearing brush, over all clean up, sawing level seats on log benches.

  1. Stations of the Cross - clearing brush along the sides of the road and at each station, establishing an upper trail for easy walking to the stations.

Equipment to bring if available:
Chain saws
Pole saws, manual or power
Rakes, leaf
Pruning sheers, Loppers
Wheel Barrels
Survey tape
any other related items

We are searching for anyone with:

A power chipper
ATV with cart


(Feel free to also bring anything special you might like)

            Lunch –          Bring your own lunch
            Dinner –         We will provide a feast
                                  (Taco's, Burritos, Beans, Mexican Rice, Chips, Salsa)
Evening –        Campfire Fellowship
We will provide snacks, soda, and beer

            Breakfast-        Food provided for those who camped on the property.
            Lunch-             Picnic / Bar-B-Q provided by Shingletown community

You are more than welcome to camp on the retreat center grounds. There is a bathroom but no showers. Please bring your own gear.

*If you live locally: you may also choose to return home Saturday evening and rejoin us Sunday morning.

For more information please call or e-mail Deacon Pat Kearns. 530-224-1499 and 


Saturday - May 28th

7:00 am - Arrive at the Retreat Center, Team Assignments
7:30 am - Begin work
12:00 pm - Lunch
1:00 pm Work
6:00 pm Clean -up / Dinner
7:00 pm Evening Reflection
7:30 -Fellowship / Music / Camp Fire / Beer

*Retreatants have the option of camping on the retreat grounds or 
driving home and returning in the morning.

Sunday - May 29th

6:30 am - Rise and Eat
7:00 a.m - Morning Prayer
7:15 am -Begin Work

11:00 am - Community Outdoor Mass with Father Jonathan Molina
(Attended by Retreat Men and whole Shingletown Community)

12:00 pm - Community Bar-B-Q / Picnic

3:00 pm - Retreat Concludes

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